Yesterday, my brother called me that my financial plan to buy the new car was all okay, and they had transferred the money to my account.

At the same moment, I open a letter from my bank and read about one of our cards having been used on a machine with skimming and they had blocked the card....

Damn, I think, my money for my car!!!!

Quickly logging in I luckily find it still there and have quickly transferred it elsewhere... pheww....

So money is safe, and the Peugeot 5008 is finally coming.... next week!!!! Can't wait.

and no, no suspicious transactions on my bank account, so we were lucky.


Writer's Block: The world at large

Corine Ijsbeer
If you could spend one summer anywhere in the world, where would it be, and why?
Galapagos Islands

Night off

 Two kids are away to a party and two kids building Lego, a saturday night off for mom and dad.... Think we will stream some criminal minds eps from the iMac to the PS3..... with tea and applepie!

Btw typing in LJ from an iPad only works in html mode.... Weird
Can't select a mood either


Bought a new car!

Well, since our family has grown (two fosterkids, age 13 and 10), we don't fit in our car all together, so it was time to buy a new one and after several test drives, we decided to get the Peugeot 5008.

With 7 seats, a panoramic roof, and in the unususl color blanc nacré, or pearly white <g>

can't wait!

but it will be january before we'll get it :-(


Company blog moved

Corine Ijsbeer

My conpany's blog has moved to:

This LJ will be less used, and Will only contain private stuff


New PR for Kevin

Corine Ijsbeer
Kevin's new PR on the 500m is 52:62!

Tekenen met Photoshop - take 2

De eerste variant was een probeersel, nu een iets serieuzere poging met een andere tekentechniek, meer aandacht voor de pootjes.... en een ander kleurtje.

Nerissa vind de oogjes van de eerste versie wat liever, dus misschien wordt de volgende poging een combinatie van beiden?

The first draft inspired me to try it again, with a different color, and a different way of drawing...

Nerissa likes the face of the first one better, so my next try will be a combination of both worlds?


tekenen met photoshop

een ochtendje aan het stoeien met photoshop CS5.... ik wil het een beetje onder de knie krijgen.

het resultaat:

I have been playing with Photoshop CS5, trying to figure out how to draw with it... it took me all morning to create this.